Crowds of people. Deafening noise. Familiar and unfamiliar faces. Everybody a part of mad race. A quest with no end, with no winners, no rewards. Everybody is speaking, nobody is expressing. Everybody is listening, nobody is understanding. Everybody is gossiping, nobody is discussing. Pale faces, hollow smiles, crooked laughters.  

This is the reality of today’s world. 

With technological advancements, human emotions have taken a backseat. We may have drew closer to people living far away but the saddening effect of this revolution is that it has drifted us away from ourselves. I have always considered the relation which we have with ourselves as the most important one. But now do we have time to talk to ourselves, to care about ourselves, to listen to our inner voice? perhaps no. Our smiles have faded. We don’t even laugh the same anymore. Laughing till our stomachs hurt. Irony is that we don’t even cry for our situations anymore. Why showing our emotions has became so out dated? When did truly feeling something with your heart escaped our personalities? When did we human beings become so hollow, so shallow ? 

Smiling at strangers. Playing with a baby. when was the last time you did that?

I think as we are growing up, we all are killing a part of ourselves. As it is said ‘Don’t die before you are dead’
As I write this standing amidst 50 people right now, all I can see is one person laughing his heart out, a 2 year old.

-Shreya Agrawal 


10 thoughts on “Detachment!

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  1. This is so true! As the world is changing day by day, so are our emotions. Whatever we do is considered to be either ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘wrong’.
    So.. I’m not the only one who thinks all of this.
    I love this!!

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