Mediocrity- is it okay? 

Mediocrity– one thing I’ve always feared the most. I hate being average. I hate being one in the crowd. I’ve always feared getting lost in it. You know whenever I was in any way just ‘average’, it killed me inside. I don’t know if I should be happy about this personality of mine or should change myself. I have always read and heard that you can’t get everything you want. True. But I hate bowing to life. YOLO, right? 

I want to make the most of my life. Since childhood, I have been treated in a special way. I’ve always been the most popular girl. And I admit it or not, it kind of has made me used to it. 

Now when things don’t go my way, I lose it.

I am standing at the crossroad right now. One path will lead me to settled but ‘mediocre’ life and another to fluctuating but exciting life. You may think, it is easy selecting the option but believe you me, it is not. Difficult especially when you are uncertain ’bout your future. 

You can’t select your future regarding your silly thoughts (as some call it), right? You need to get practical and rational about your life, as people say to me.

But I don’t want to be rational. I don’t want to be practical. I just want to be that silly kid who wants what it wants. No compromise! 

What if I end up living a life I’ve always dreaded? what if I become ‘just another’?

What if I end up being ‘Mediocre’?

– Shreya Agrawal


5 thoughts on “Mediocrity- is it okay? 

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  1. My dear the fact is that one’s who are special since alz are not bcz of anyone’s support or obligation bt bcz of their indelible impressions on their sands of life…!!
    Ur personality wont digest the mediocrity at any instance bcz it is not meant to be one..and will definitely find a way out of this mediocre dungeon soon..Trust me!!😄❤✌

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  2. Its lyk smvn had penned my thoughts down so exquisitely…i too hate mediocrity…and as said by Bill Gates but modified by me that , if we r born mediocre its not our mistake ,bt if we die poor then its our mistake ,thats the one i truly believe in and am afraid of dying a mediocre too. So thnx for giving a wake up call ☺

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  3. I constantly reflect on all the incredible chances I’ve had in life. Honestly, mediocrity is my only real fear. Really helps to know I’m not the only one who’s mind is dominated by this.

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