To the innocence and dreams that died! 

When I grow up, I will travel the world”,

 “When I grow up, I will climb the tallest mountain”,

 “When I grow up, I will be on top of this world” and so on.

Weren’t these our thoughts when we were those full of ‘hopes, desires, and innocence’ kids?

These thoughts occupy my mind as I watch trees sprinting fast from the car, wind gushing my hairs, nostalgia embracing me, stealing a tear or two.
Where did those dreams, hopes, aspirations go? Most importantly, where did that pious innocence escaped which took us to an imaginary world full of perfection?

Today, we all are moving forward. Is this walk towards our dream, happiness? I don’t know. There’s no stoppage in this journey. keep moving forward else you are stuck forever. But when there is a minute or two of silence, those childhood dreams grip me hard. It makes me contemplate my real self. What have I become? Where am I going? Is this where I always wanted to be? Questions like these haunt me making me miss my lost innocence. This world is full of deceit. I don’t belong here. I never belonged here. 

How I wish I could get back to those days when fairy tales seemed real. When people could be trusted. When dreams weren’t just a mirage. When future didn’t seem bleak. When heartbreaks were just losing my favourite cartoon eraser. When a perfect test score was enough to make my day. When a I smiled a little more and laughed a little real. When everything was imperfect yet so perfect. When I was immature yet full of life. 
Car brakes put a break to my thoughts as I reach my destination. My real destination seems far, I don’t know of it exists. Till then lets take the steering wheel in our hands, pull the glass pane down, feel the wind on our faces and enjoy the journey called Life! 

Shreya Agrawal


50 thoughts on “To the innocence and dreams that died! 

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  1. Innocence can be carried into adulthood. Don’t stop reaching or dreaming, that’s when life becomes heavy…
    I agree with what you’re saying, just know that there is a way to continue a lighthearted life, like in our adolescent years.

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      1. Definitely, I’ve been working full time since I was 15 years old. It can take a toll on the child within, I just do my best to try and carry that innocence, against the odds.

        Love your blog, nice topics (:

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      2. I really applaud you for that. Seriously! Carrying the child within you despite adversities is what I guess will makes us happy.
        Thank you so much. I am new here. And this is very motivating. 🙂

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  2. Lv u pgl😣!!!
    Not fair ha…pouring out tears of readers!!!
    Know what, this last Summer vacation of our’s have tempted us so badly to just lock ourselves in our rooms wishing for vacuum all around n all b’ze of the fear of those seasons of our lifes staring at us, waiting to grab us, with us having no idea of their sequence n duration, n all mentioned above is exactly what distressing but after this it feels like to open up the door n walk out to my garden with that soft,green carpet below n stair those stars with their glowing spark in my eyes with no thoughts but a big Smile!

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  3. Really pensive stuff Shreya, loved it 😍..and l jst wanna say that innocence never dies bt jst gets shadowed by the adversities of this masquerade of life . We jst need to chillax and balance ourselves to squirm out of this vicious masquerade. And talking of destinations ,don’t worry dear u’ve already sallied forth a beautiful as well as a breakneck journey. So ATB Shreya!

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  4. That was really true!! There was a time when we ruminated upon the glamour which the world serves and today when we are actually on the edge, those childhood dreams and aspirations continuously beckon us since those were true and real irrespective of the present dreams which are mere greeds!

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  5. This was a really good piece. Loved the message that it gives.
    And yes, one more thing, keep those dreams alive, you are never too old to fulfill​ them.❤
    Also just check on the grammer a bit rest was fabulous 😊
    Keep writing, keep living💓

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  6. It’s very true indeed. But yes, what I try to do is to carry that innocent little child inside me as I move forward. We didn’t have worries when we were children, but we do have choices when we are adults.
    Keep that child inside you alive and kicking and you will feel beautiful.. 😊😊
    Great read !!💐💐

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    1. I don’t know who you are but it is my great privilege that you found my write up useful. In fact, I can learn a lot from you.
      Thank you for your amazing response. 😄


  7. I enjoyed reading your post! It feels real like I was in the car with you. What you have just written about is the fact of life but we can’t stop giving life because we don’t know the destination, we have to keep riding. Like I always say about LIFE, live it, love it, make it count.

    Now to the review you ask for:
    1. Try and let your paragraphs align, if you are using two space out, retain it throughout unless you are creating a specific space out design.
    2. Editing is very important, sometimes mistakes are just inevitable unless you have an editor. Could be anyone you believe is good at it.
    3. If you keep writing like this, you will catch a lot of people’s attention fast, you’re genuine and general amazing at writing.. keep on writing, don’t give it up, Kudos.

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    1. Thank you so much for your review. It really means a lot to a budding writer like me.
      I’ll definitely keep those points in my mind when I’ll write next.
      Thanks again for your appreciating words. 😄


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