Because some people are just not meant to be! 

Haven’t we all came across people who once meant the world to us but now lies there somewhere in Oblivion?

There were people in my life too whom I cherished a lot. But you know I realised that moving on this endless path called life, we come across many beautiful flowers who give us life long memories and then again they turn out to be mere weeds leaving scars forever. Attachments have always been my greatest fear and this fear keeps on increasing with every weed I come across disguising as a beautiful flower.

For me, getting attached is difficult but going away after being attached is heartbreaking. But lately I have realised that some people are just not worth the pain and effort. 

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go”

People leave just like they enter our lives, in a whiff of moment, leaving us all vulnerable, helpless and still ‘attached’.
You know that’s the whole issue with any relationship nowadays. One person is always more attached than the other. When a bond breaks, one always suffers more. We are all lonely people seeking solace in other person. The biggest mistake we do is make a person, our ‘home‘. When that person leaves us, we are not only deprived of that attachment. We are deprived of our ‘home’, our solace. 

The number of times I see people around me breaking apart because of a person, something just enrages me. I think relationships are about building one another and not breaking them. Be it any relationship. 

All I think in such circumstances is ‘Let Go‘. I know this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Letting go is an emotional roller coaster ride. With a person, a part of you leaves. Memories and their emotional presence haunt you like anything. You want to move forward but something just pulls you back. Even a slight mention of the name floods your mind with everything you thought you forgot. But isn’t that better than breaking yourself into pieces every single moment?

“Sometimes you just pull of a band aid and it hurts, but then it’s over and you are relieved.”

Sometimes you have to and you should wear a brave and cold mask over a vulnerable and helpless face. 
This isn’t selfish. 

Thinking about our own self is never selfish in my eyes. Protecting ourselves isn’t selfish. Loving ourselves isn’t selfish. Because, 

If you won’t love yourself, who else will? If you won’t care about yourself, who else will? 

It’s high time. Take the steering wheel of your life in your own hand. Don’t let anyone hinder your path. You’ll meet a number of people taking a lift in your journey.

 “Some will give you lessons to live life while some will be lessons themselves.”

Life is incomplete without either of them. 

Stop pitying yourself. 

“You aren’t a princess who needs to be saved, you are a warrior yourself! “

-Shreya Agrawal! 


6 thoughts on “Because some people are just not meant to be! 

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  1. This so touching. I know how bad this is.. attachments are the worst fear. My fear is losing people, which I’m actually really good at. But just like you said, there are people who teach lessons on how to live life and some are lessons themselves.
    And yes, hamare thoughts mein kaafi similarity hai😇🙌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate it so well how the fear of losing someone just brings a fear of seclusion to us! Its very hard to live in that loneliness…
    Beautifully written dear and you know what you have to hold on me whether you wish or not!! Hehe!!😂😂😘

    Liked by 1 person

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