A Talk With The Mirror!


Yes I am talking to you. Who are you? I don’t know you. I fail to recognize you now. You aren’t the person I’ve known since years. You weren’t this. What have you become? Is this what you wanted?
Wait. I know you’ll once again dodge these questions, fake a smile and go away. But not today. I’ll not let you go. You need to listen to me today.

Look right into my eyes. Stop running away from yourself. Do you realise that you have changed?  A lot. Where is that girl who was alive? Yes, you seem dead to me. I know people grow. People do change. But this change of yours is for the worse. Why are you losing yourself in the process of growing up? Had a failure? A heartbreak? A lost friend? Got cheated? A rejection? That’s all? Were these things so huge that you couldn’t face? that you couldn’t fight? 

That’s the reason I couldn’t identify you. Because you were a warrior not a loser. You weren’t submissive to your situations. You know you have fought before. You never gave up. You had hopes, desires, aspirations. One strong blow of wind and you hid in the shelter? Your fearlessness was your biggest strength. But what is this emotional turmoil you are facing right now? Why aren’t you ready to fight now? Why do you feel so weak to even face your own self? 

I know lately you have been sad, upset but why do you fear showing this to the world? Why do you always have to paint a smile? 

As rightly said by R.H. Sin,

“It’s not always your heart, sometimes your mind breaks as well.”

I know you are fighting your own battles inside you. You feel lonely in this phase. You crave affection. But believe me, the person who went inside this battle won’t be the same who came out. You know you don’t need anyone to tell you that you can. Because you are aware of this fact yourself. You are the strongest when alone. People eventually leave. People you couldn’t even imagine will end up hurting you. You have scars. Flaunt them. It is the proof that you survived. You didn’t give up. The person who is going to be with you forever is right there in front of you. Love her. Care for her. 

Right now, you need yourself the most. 
I can see, your past haunts you and future scares you to no end. But is this worth giving up your present for? 

“What if you never move on? What if things don’t go your way? What if your closest people leave? What if  you are left alone? What if you fail? What if? What if? What if?”

These questions bother you, I know. These questions and doubts have made you kneel down. But you need to get up my girl. Remember

“An injured Lion is even more dangerous.”

You still have that ferocity. You still have that strength. Believe me, you are still a warrior. The warrior in you is asking to break free these shackles you’ve created for yourself. 

Don’t succumb to situations. Make situations succumb to you. The path in front of you seems tricky and full of potholes but you aren’t made for straight roads anyway.

You’ve been hurt before and you have fought the demons before. It’s time for a ”retake”!

Shreya Agrawal



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