Still an old age soul caged in this modern generation! 

Have you ever felt like a misfit? An odd one out? No, not in the way you are but in the way you think , in the way you feel, in the way look at the world? 

Because I have this feeling often. A feeling of being completely away when I am right in middle of a conversation. A feeling of being lost while still in senses. A feeling of being ‘misfit’ in this ultra modern and deceptive world.

 I am young but I feel I have already grown out of senseless, small talks. My heart craves from deepness. I’ve always believed that there’s more to person than what it appears to be.

“What’s better intimacy than two people peeling the layers of each other’s soul one by one?”

I have stopped enjoying talks which doesn’t tug my heartstrings anymore. It’s in real conversations that I find my solace, my peace. 

I can proudly say that I am still a girl with old school thoughts and feelings. I sometimes feel that I am an old soul trapped in a new age body. I prefer feeling the lyrics than dancing the music away without being in senses. Love, Care, Respect haven’t escaped my dictionary yet. No , I am not talking about the mockery displayed today in the name of love. I am talking about love which makes your heart skip a beat. Love, which not only makes you fall but rise much above that. Love, which is way above exchanging gifts. Love which is about handwritten letters soaked with feelings and ‘real’ emotions. 

I don’t crave for company anymore. Words give me the solace like nobody. 

The world today has lost the deepness in its soul. People don’t talk about ideas, feelings, fears, emotions anymore. I am not asking you to be serious and not have fun. Life is incomplete without either of them. But the true essence of a human lies in his deepness.

“There’s nothing more attractive than rawness in people.”

Today , somebody can be sitting right in front of you and yet miles away. Few small talks, fake smile and hollow laughter is the definition of a conversation. 

This world where ‘realness’ and ‘deepness’ has taken a backseat scares me to no end. People, let’s bring back our emotions, our feelings. No, they aren’t over and gone. They are lying there in the dustiest corner of your heart weighed down by the obligations of life. I know life runs through the wheels of practicality and brain but your emotions, thoughts and feelings are it’s fuel. Let’s not make ourselves so receptive to these emotions that when you need to cry, tears don’t come out. Believe me, there’s nothing more suffocating than that. There’s a child sitting inside your body with legs folded and face on the knees, asking you to stop killing it day by day. There’s a lover sulking inside you, asking you to love with all your heart. There’s a friend inside you, asking you to be there for your people not only physically but emotionally. There’s your soul asking you to not just see but ‘feel’. You are an amalgamation of different people. Don’t kill them to make your journey easy. Life is a one time experience, let each of them breathe and ‘live’.

let’s take a pause from this rush and breathe in the open air and sometimes just sometimes let our hearts take over!

– Shreya Agrawal


42 thoughts on “Still an old age soul caged in this modern generation! 

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  1. Amazing! This is something that I’ve wanted to write about and I feel exactly the same like you! Just yesterday, I was talking to a few of my friends and our conversation just drifted around lame jokes and football… And I felt so lonely, as though nobody understood me. First of all because I don’t know anything about football and secondly because these people around me live their lives aimlessly, their thoughts drifting around blank spaces.
    I seriously felt bad, cause I thought that I was the only one who felt out of the world, too aged, but actually no! This post is my answer. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful idea in a lovely prose. Much love❤❤

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    1. Thank you so so much.
      Yeah. I’ve been wanting to write about it for so long. This is what few people like us feel every single day. Too lonely and too old for this world. Thanks again for your appreciation. ❤😘

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  2. Dude! It was like literally u have written down my thoughts there👆👍i too have felt this misfit many a times before which truly blew me….!😔coz my heart doesn’t really fits here…it craves for ‘classics’…the way it used to be before…handwritten love..all in its pure form that was…those weren’t mere words…bt feelings…love❤…my heart craves to death for that…it does!!
    N “…emotions, thoughts and feelings are its fuel.” Yeah thats the truth that is completely shadowed nowadays under the futile practicality of this world.
    Lets not do that people…because we without rawness n classic will be nothing but a robot…no i know they r smart bt ..oh come on !..we’ll look stupid then * lame one..i know! Sry😅😅*

    Keep going Shreya ❤❤ !! Write that crap *not really haan* out 😅!

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  3. I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think it’s an issue of time, more so an issue of finding those you really connect with. Especially when you consider how it’s a relatively modern idea for women to be capable of deep, meaningful thought in some cultures.

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    1. I agree with what you are saying. Deepness is present in everyone, it just needs to be taken out. Today, people consider such emotions as nothing. Everybody is masquerading, therefore finding someone you connect with is indeed difficult.


      1. Yeah you have every right to. 😊
        Sure there are but despite that the emotional and real deep connect is missing according to me.
        I am still young and have a lot to see.
        It was great learning from your experience. 😄😊


  4. This is amazing but I think we all got hurt so much that why we stopped showing emotions !! But you are right we need to actually start talking about things that matter and stop with that small talk thing !! We are in this world so we can get to know each other and build something together

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  5. What a thoughtful post.

    I think it’s not just the time, but with the people you’re around with as well that makes you feel like a misfit. You just have to find the right people who share the same interests as you. 🙂

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  6. SHREYA THIS WAS AMAZING!! I’ve always wanted to write something like this, but somehow never did. This was one of those pieces that I really wish I had written! There was not a single line that I didn’t relate or agree with. 🌷

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  7. Lovely post with very well articulated thoughts! I have always felt much the same (so much so, that one of my favourite pastimes is spending time with my grandparents and hearing them impart life wisdom and decades old stories).
    Small talk can feel soul sucking at times and increasingly over the years I’ve struggled to partake in it, particularly with my peers. I usually search for a fellow ‘old soul’ or ‘odd ball’ in a crowd, hone in on them and then discuss random things that are hopefully unrelated to the weather, work and whether or not I want to have kids.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  8. This is one of the most beautiful posts that i have read here on wordpress !!
    I can completely relate to you !! I feel like such an oddball to ! The world has definitely changed . It is that raw beauty that is the most beautiful , that sincerity, that depth that is the most important ! Loved this !! Keep writing like this !! ❤

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  9. So true! Today when the world has its blind fold on of artificial successes and glamour somewhere it has dropped its heart which used to caress emotions..what’s the use of being on the top of the hill if you have just crushed off your heart to be there. And yeah one more thing I strongly feel that its okay to be an odd ball than faking and the speaking the senseless shit which definitely does not defines you! Obviously there’s the single cherry on the cake has its own prestige and aplomb!❤❤

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    1. This is so apt, Sir. I believe with this tight grip on ego, time and money, people are somewhere losing out a grip on their emotions and peace. But yeah as you said, these are the two sides of the force which makes the dark side look darker.


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