Let’s talk about it!

Imagine yourself being stuck in an endless spiral unable to get out. You try every thing possible to free yourself from this loop but something pulls you back.
Imagine the feeling of being in the crowd and suddenly sweating out with the fear of getting lost.
Imagine being out with your friends, laughing and cracking jokes one second and zoning out the very next second questioning your existence.
Imagine being followed by an invisible demon throughout the day and trying every possible way to run away from it.
Imagine waking up in the middle of night as if a sudden dark cloud has hovered upon you. You try to sleep back but the darkness suddenly starts scaring you.
Imagine those mornings when you need to get up from the bed but you can’t, not because you are sleepy but because you have no strength to face the day.
Imagine the struggle to walk up to your closed ones and say what you are feeling because you don’t even know that yourself.
Imagine that suddenly heaviness you feel in your chest while you are in mid of a gathering and you just want to go out.

Were you able to imagine all these situations? Weren’t these horrifying? Is there anything idyllic about these feelings?

No, Right?

Yet we romanticize Anxiety!

Yes people, this is what anxiety is.

It’s not the fear you have before your exams.

It’s not the sadness after having a failure.

It’s not your sleepless nights because someone doesn’t love you anymore.

It’s not a silly term to be used so loosely.

It’s real. It’s serious.

Anxiety is a fear of unknown. It’s a feeling of worthlessness. It’s a feeling of helplessness.
And no, this doesn’t have to occur only when you have some serious issues going on in your life.

It may happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

A person with a loving family, amazing friends, basically a well happy life can go through anxiety.
It’s a difficult state to be in.
You start losing control over yourself in this process.

You’ll be fine“, “It will get okay“, “It’s all in your mind” etc.. are the common things anyone suffering from anxiety or depression gets to hear. But guys, it is easier said than done.

Have you ever told a cancer patient or even a person having cough/cold that “you’ll be fine” or “It’s nothing” ? Never, right? Then why somebody having any sort of mental ailment, however big or small is ignored and not considered worthy enough of attention and care?

We have sad people calling themselves depressed.
Organised people calling themselves suffering from OCD.
People sleeping late calling themselves insomniac.

Isn’t this a bit sad?
People romanticize mental illness to an extent that people ‘actually‘ suffering from any of it will be afraid to speak up. Because, that person may feel that whatever he/she is going through is common, is normal and not something to be talked about.

Now to all those who are going through this.
I know situations are tough for you right now. You may feel like giving up. You may have nobody to understand you. You may feel the weakest at this point. But believe me, you aren’t alone. You have people to help you come out of this endless loop of self loathe, worthlessness, insecurities. You need to reach out.

It may be very difficult for you right now, but talk. Please. For the sake of your well being, mentally. Don’t ignore the symptons just like you don’t ignore any physical ailment symptons.

Don’t distract yourself from this. Instead, fight it. Defeat it. You have all the strength you need. That little warrior in you is a bit tired right now but nourish it, feed it with strength and vigour. Then Believe me, you will shine much much brighter than before. Just don’t give up on yourself, too soon.

You give people and situations endless chances. This time, give yourself one more too.

-Shreya Agrawal

I am no medical professional but below I’ve mentioned some links which I could find which may help you a bit.


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