What did I Do wrong?

As I saw you again after years.
The mere sight sent me shivers.

Yes, I was very young and naive.
But I could decipher that you weren’t nice.

The way you touched me was so wrong.
Never imagined that it will leave a scar for lifelong.

What was so sexual in me? for god sake, I was seven.
I still get nightmares and you are the demon.

There weren’t any bra straps, nor my frock was revealing.
Then what did I do to arouse your lustful feeling?

Family is a shelter, I have always learned.
But all my innocence that day you burned.

What haunts me more is the smile you still give.
It seems as if, you are still peeping deep within.

Reading #Metoo posts, I wished to scream too.
But the mere imagination of aftermaths, made me withdrew.

Now I cover myself extra, I don’t get too close.
For I don’t want another scar in the name of “happy dose”.

Now every touch is scary and every man looks like you.
Because even slightest of closeness brings back that view.

I miss my innocence when the world seemed like a paradise.
But I am born with a vagina and I have to pay the price.

Shreya Agrawal

This is me doing my bit to raise against child sexual abuse which is much more common that it appears to be.

It is to tell everyone that it isn’t limited just to your TV screens and it’s not just “outside” that children aren’t safe. Such shameless molesters are around you masquerading as your closed ones.

All I can do right now is request you to provide your children, nieces and nephews a safe and secure environment to grow in, teach them the difference between good touch and bad touch and most importantly, feed them with enough strength and courage that they never remain mum against wrong. Because such things leave a strong impression on one’s mind and leave a person scarred forever.


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