You need to break these walls!

“Sometimes, it’s better to bring down those walls!”

We, as human beings have this protective tendency. We want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from all the storms that life inflict upon us from time to time. We want to be safe. Yes, exactly Safe. After all, healing wounds is a tedious task which sometimes take a lifetime. So, better safe than sorry, right?

I’ve always been like this too. Building too many walls around myself. Walls, so high and strong that nobody dares to break through them. Walls, meant to protect me from the world. Walls, which turned out to be my hiding place from the world. Every wrong person, every adverse situation turned out to be nothing but just another brick making this wall go further high.

Cementing this with betrayal and hurt, I never realized when this imaginary barrier came into life. It became so strong that forget somebody crossing it for me, I couldn’t break it myself. It has started suffocating me. It’s as if I want to move forward, I want to embrace this new happiness that life is offering but some invisible shackles have held my legs making it almost impossible for me to go ahead.

But I am tired now. I for once, don’t want to hold myself back. I don’t want to be the one who makes all the right decisions. I don’t want to hear the rational voice. I want to follow the voice of my stupid heart and experience euphoria. I want to hear my heart beats loud. I want those tingling sensations of butterflies. Ah! things which I guess, I stopped feeling long back. Things which this cruel wall has deprived me of.

So how is this wall “protecting” me? It’s more like it’s taking away the fear of death from a lifeless object.
How long will I survive this way?
How long will you survive this way?

Don’t we all at times shut ourselves from everyone? Some people for days while others for ever.

Without being preachy, from little experience that I hold, I’ve learnt,

“Protections are barriers too.”

It took me several sad nights, a feeling of hollowness to realize that it’s not the situations or the people who were stopping me from being happy and excited, it was my own self. It was walls which I have created.

So what exactly do we need to not let any wall prevent us from happiness?
Break it!

I Know all this sounds absurd. And, it’s always easier said than done, right?
But take it from someone who has been through this, it’s possible.

These walls, no matter how strong and high they may seem, need just the right strength of love and belief to dismantle into crumbs.
Love, which is stronger than all the hate, hurt you’ve been through. Love, which can out power the strength of any doubts or disbelief.

How to find this love?
Just like I said before, the barriers stopping us were created by us. Similarly, the love we need is within us.

Sometimes, it takes another beautiful soul to bring that out and sometimes, you need to be that soul.

Remove one brick of hurt, at a time. And for that, all you need is a power of one act of kindness and love.
Believe me, life is better without these walls.

Once broken, you’ll be overwhelmed with innumerable happiness, joys and excitement waiting on the other side.

When the wall becomes too high and starts suffocating you, all you need to do is- pick a hatchet.

Shreya Agrawal


12 thoughts on “You need to break these walls!

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  1. True.Sometimes society and parents creates boundaries and limits for us ,specially for girls. They are kept in overprotective environment to keep them safe from all evils and harsh realities of society.
    But to explore the world and acheive heights one has to break free these walls.

    Shreya if possible try getting to my new post on people pleasing as one need to set oneself free from these chains of burden.

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