Home to my chaos!

I’ve been a chaos,
Tangled and messy.
My thoughts restricting
any rebel wanting to untangle,
to come close to it.
My own little world it was.
A little shelter of mine.
Protecting me.

But he came,
flashing his brightest smile.
No butterflies.
No anxiety.
Strange calm, he brought with himself.
He kept untangling, bit by bit.
I lost my strength to rebel.
I looked at him, mesmerized.
He broke the walls,
those which took years to invigorate.
My little world finally had a guest.
I had a protection,
he became my solace.
I had a shelter,
he became my home.

It was difficult to understand,
If I was losing myself in him
finally uncovering the real me.
But guests are meant to leave,
I hope
he isn’t another nomad!

Shreya Agrawal


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