Will you be able to face your 5 year old self?

Playing with my 5 year old nephew and admiring his innocence and zeal, a thought struck me hard. I was once this silly kid too. We all were. Naive. Away from the world. Not too smart and mature. No big dreams and aspirations in life. Eating, playing and sleeping away the whole day. Growing up... Continue Reading →


A peregrination from loneliness to solitude!

"Why people leave me always?" "Why there isn't anybody with whom I can share my feelings?" "Alas! Nobody cares for me." "I wish I had somebody to share this moment with. " Don't we all have such feelings at times in our lives? I know, you do. I've been there, felt that. Feeling of loneliness... Continue Reading →

A Talk With The Mirror!

Hey! Yes I am talking to you. Who are you? I don't know you. I fail to recognize you now. You aren't the person I've known since years. You weren't this. What have you become? Is this what you wanted? Wait. I know you'll once again dodge these questions, fake a smile and go away.... Continue Reading →

But all we have is NOW!

Future - One phase we are always worried about. Past - One phase we always dwell upon. But what about our present. Are we really living it or surviving it? I often find myself worrying what my future would be like. I contemplate the events that have already occurred. Don't we all do this? we... Continue Reading →

Mediocrity- is it okay? 

Mediocrity- one thing I've always feared the most. I hate being average. I hate being one in the crowd. I've always feared getting lost in it. You know whenever I was in any way just 'average', it killed me inside. I don't know if I should be happy about this personality of mine or should... Continue Reading →

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