What did I Do wrong?

As I saw you again after years. The mere sight sent me shivers. Yes, I was very young and naive. But I could decipher that you weren't nice. The way you touched me was so wrong. Never imagined that it will leave a scar for lifelong. What was so sexual in me? for god sake,... Continue Reading →


अलमारी में कैद बचपन!

This post is restricted to Hindi readers only. I tried translating it in English but it was losing it's essence. ------------- महीनों बाद घर वापिस जाना हुआ। अनजान सड़कों से गुज़रकर, फिर पुरानी गलियों पर आना हुआ। माँ ने पुरानी अलमारी को साफ़ करने को कहा। बेकार चीज़ों को फेंक, कीमती को जमाने को कहा।... Continue Reading →

Inside- Outside.

I looked outside the window, I see life. Inside, there's me surviving. Outside, there's happiness, Glee and Merry. Inside, gloom, hopelessness and despair reside. Outside, I see the youth of life. Inside, life taking it's few last breaths. Outside, nature colouring the world. Inside, White sheet blinding me. Outside, Hands wiping away each other's tears.... Continue Reading →

When Past Interferes Too Much!

Life is an amalgamation of experiences, they say. Good or bad, bright or dark are the various shades of this rollercoaster journey. These are those unavoidable speed breakers per se which reminds us time and again that too much speed kills. We, as humans find it pretty easy to share our happy moments with people.... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about it!

Imagine yourself being stuck in an endless spiral unable to get out. You try every thing possible to free yourself from this loop but something pulls you back. Imagine the feeling of being in the crowd and suddenly sweating out with the fear of getting lost. Imagine being out with your friends, laughing and cracking... Continue Reading →

A Talk With The Mirror!

Hey! Yes I am talking to you. Who are you? I don't know you. I fail to recognize you now. You aren't the person I've known since years. You weren't this. What have you become? Is this what you wanted? Wait. I know you'll once again dodge these questions, fake a smile and go away.... Continue Reading →

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