Where is Home?

Where is home? Is it in the lap of mom or in the streets where as kids we used to roam? Where is home? Is it at the backseat of Dad's bike or with the siblings we used to fight? Where is home? Is it in the the friends we made or in the childhood... Continue Reading →

What it feels like?

You wake up, it’s there sitting right beside you, smirking at you. It asks you to give your hand and offers to accompany you for yet another day. I am better off without you, you say. But it like a nagging child holds your hand and begs you to take it along. You somehow free... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay to be not Okay!

Haven’t we always been told to “Be strong”? We are constantly asked to hold ourselves together and never show our vulnerable and weak sides to anybody lest we will no longer remain the ideal being who has everything figured out and has immense control over his/her emotions. This is what I grew up believing- Being... Continue Reading →

Home to my chaos!

I've been a chaos, Tangled and messy. My thoughts restricting any rebel wanting to untangle, to come close to it. My own little world it was. A little shelter of mine. Protecting me. But he came, flashing his brightest smile. No butterflies. No anxiety. Strange calm, he brought with himself. He kept untangling, bit by... Continue Reading →

You need to break these walls!

"Sometimes, it's better to bring down those walls!" We, as human beings have this protective tendency. We want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from all the storms that life inflict upon us from time to time. We want to be safe. Yes, exactly Safe. After all, healing wounds is a tedious task which... Continue Reading →

What did I Do wrong?

As I saw you again after years. The mere sight sent me shivers. Yes, I was very young and naive. But I could decipher that you weren't nice. The way you touched me was so wrong. Never imagined that it will leave a scar for lifelong. What was so sexual in me? for god sake,... Continue Reading →

अलमारी में कैद बचपन!

This post is restricted to Hindi readers only. I tried translating it in English but it was losing it's essence. ------------- महीनों बाद घर वापिस जाना हुआ। अनजान सड़कों से गुज़रकर, फिर पुरानी गलियों पर आना हुआ। माँ ने पुरानी अलमारी को साफ़ करने को कहा। बेकार चीज़ों को फेंक, कीमती को जमाने को कहा।... Continue Reading →

Inside- Outside.

I looked outside the window, I see life. Inside, there's me surviving. Outside, there's happiness, Glee and Merry. Inside, gloom, hopelessness and despair reside. Outside, I see the youth of life. Inside, life taking it's few last breaths. Outside, nature colouring the world. Inside, White sheet blinding me. Outside, Hands wiping away each other's tears.... Continue Reading →

When Past Interferes Too Much!

Life is an amalgamation of experiences, they say. Good or bad, bright or dark are the various shades of this rollercoaster journey. These are those unavoidable speed breakers per se which reminds us time and again that too much speed kills. We, as humans find it pretty easy to share our happy moments with people.... Continue Reading →

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